Friday, December 19, 2014


I don't know what to think of the Ascension mini series on SyFy.  Pointless waste of time is my best summary,  The SyFy channel has become something of a joke amongst science fiction fans.  Guess what, it still is. If anybody found anything redeeming about this show, feel free to comment here on this blog.

And one final thought. Who would go off to some other star like Proxima Centauri without any idea if it was even habitable?  Seriously, we only recently even developed the ability to tell if there are planets around stars and get an idea of their temperatures and such.  Fifty years ago no such technology existed.  Ergo, these people thought they were going to a star system that likely did not have anyplace where they could survive. Only a moron would do something like this. It does not appear to have a habitable planet. They'd get there and die if they'd actually gone.  

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