Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Stories

Well, the animated Christmas specials are out.  I can't believe how awful most of them are--especially the newer ones. "Pointless waste of time."  They haven't made a good new animated special in years. They're all crap.    Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer just had its 50th anniversary.  I like that one. I also liked the Grinch, the animated story not the movie. The original Frosty the Snowman is good, but the sequel has all the charm of a dead possum at the side of a road waiting for the roadkill truck that never comes to scoop it away.

There was another special I always liked, but I can't recall the name of it. It had these little dancing fire guys and dancing snow guys. It was about some strife between green Christmas and white Christmas, reflecting the northern and southern regions of our country.  Oh well.

If you tire of the same old crap, download a copy of Penny Dread Tales IV.  My story in said book is called "The Toy Men" and is a steampunk take on the Christmas toy thing.

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