Friday, January 2, 2015


In the past year I've had to cancel two different anthologies because I could not fill them. The first one was a charity book of Christmas stories.  Then the play on A Dark And Stormy Night. Neither one got more than a handful of stories.  Yet writers whine constantly about a lack of markets.

But I'm not going to explain the unexplainable.  What I find more annoying than a lack of stories is the fact so many writers seem clueless about how to prepare a story manuscript.  There are generally accepted standards which appear in various writing books.  But those standards do not appear in a lot of the stories I receive.  I couldn't even begin to seriously consider publishing a lot of the stories I receive. There are no discernible paragraphs. It's more of half a page of run together tripe.  Add to that a growing trend of not bothering to indent paragraphs--which may work for  a business letter, but is not the generally accepted way to format a manuscript.  This blog doesn't indent, but I wouldn't dream of submitting in this format to a publisher.

What does all this mean?  It means not only am I facing a sad lack of interest in the projects I edit, but ten stories submitted is really more like five of them, as half of what comes in is completely unpublishable and can't even be considered.  And that's the way it is.  

Hopefully Story Emporium will fare better.  I'm the publisher, but not doing day-to-day story acquisitions there.  

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