Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Haunted Elevator?

I've mentioned before that I work in the hotel business.  Sunday morning a mother and her two young daughters came down to the lobby for hot chocolate and coffee, respectively.    The older daughter got bored waiting for them and decided to go back in the elevator. Well, she got on the elevator and abruptly got back off.  She said there was a black man in the elevator.  She would not get back on.  They finally all took the stairs back to their room. I would’ve liked to talk to the child more about this, but her mother didn’t want to hear the description, apparently thought the child saw a negro person, and ushered the girls away.

This is the second time a young girl has made that claim—of seeing a black man in the elevator. It happened back in August as well. In that case, I got a little more description.  It’s the shape of a man, but not exactly.  It’s more like a walking silhouette. In other words, it’s not a black-skinned man.  It’s a black ghost.

Black ghosts were once scoffed at by even most paranormal researchers.  These elusive entities just didn’t seem possible With the huge spread of low light cameras, people are capturing them more and more on video. I don’t know for certain what these kids were seeing, but the description seems to be one of these elusive entities.   I don't know why it's manifesting in our elevator.

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