Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The monster below

Folks who live in warm climates won't  relate to this problem.  It got really cold right after Christmas. When this happens the roads just stay icy. Snow plows are ineffective as it's like plowing concrete. But ice tends to build up underneath your car.  So, as I would be driving to work I could hear the springs and struts groaning from all of the ice [that's what it sounds like] and my tires were rubbing against the ice building up in the wheel wells, especially around turns.  And, this hideous black and white ice monster was growing underneath my car.  The more you drive, the more of this ice crap builds up.  Then, yesterday, the weather turned unseasonably mild. I pulled up to a stoplight near my house. There was a loud groan, then a huge clump of ice that had fused itself to my car sort of crashed to the pavement.  As I drove away, it was a striking sight in my rear view mirror.  I suppose the folks behind me are probably still cursing me.  But I was free. The ice was gone. When I got home all of that ice was gone. I was so happy.  Alas, it will soon return.  

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