Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Battery Cards

Well, the long expected death of Radio Shack has finally arrived.  I didn't go to Radio Shack very often.  They didn't sell anything I wanted.  I suppose that was their problem.  Still, I remember in my youth they sold a lot of batteries. And they had a battery card, where you could get a free battery every month for your transistor radio. The purpose, of course, was to keep folks coming back into the store.  Over time, Radio Shack staples like TV antennas became obsolete as did transistor radios.  Still, I feel like we've lost something, although I'm not entirely sure what.  So, goodbye Radio Shack. They invented the personal computer business, then farted it away.  They used to demand your name and address to buy a light bulb for your flashlight, then sent you annoying adds for obsolete products. Goodbye Radio Shack. Good riddance.

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