Saturday, February 14, 2015

Light bulbs from outer space

The tail light on my car burned out recently.  When I opened up my trunk, I realized I had no idea how to access the light bulb.  It was not obvious or simple.  Still, it was only a light bulb.  Then I went to buy the light bulb that I had no idea how to install.  The same Sylvania light varied from $3 at Walmart to nearly seven dollars at Napa.  I was shocked at how this could be so.  The same part number and everything.  And, you can get a package for two bulbs for about 30 cents more than a package with one bulb.  So, bulb in hand, I re-visited my trunk after finding this nifty car repair web site. With my new found knowledge, I realized that the evil geniuses at Ford hadn't made it as tough as I feared, it was just in knowing where to look.  I changed the light bulb in three minutes. Yay!

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