Tuesday, March 24, 2015

By the numbers

I was cleaning up some old files and I started looking at the contracts for the last five issues of Science Fiction Trails, which I used to edit.  These are stats for accepted stories rounded to nearest 5 percent:
Colorado 40%
Texas 15 %
Foreign countries 15%
California 5%
Washington 5%
Utah 5%
all others 15%

Percent of writers who had previously published in SFT or one of my anthologies 90%

Most popular states for buyers [direct sales from publisher]
CT  25%
FL   20%
CO   20%
TX   15%
WA  5%
IL     5%
all others 10%

What's it all mean?
Don't know, but sales and author origins do not have anything to do with where the population is.

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