Friday, March 27, 2015


I was flabbergasted to see an article in the paper about how to plan an Easter egg hunt. You just take eggs and hide them, then give kids a basket or a paper sack.  That's it.  What the hell is there to plan? Who needs an article? When I was little, I always loved hunting for Easter eggs.  It was fun.  Now, my brother was younger than I was and he had to get the easy ones, which was fine with me as I liked thinking in three dimensions and looking up on tree branches and the top of the back yard gate and such--he was welcome to the ones in the dog's water bowl [honest, there was one in the dog's water bowl once, the bowl being empty].  

Then, after I was all grown, there was an Easter egg hunt at a neighbor's house.  I snuck into their yard and left a dozen eggs in addition to the stuff they'd put out.  I always wondered if they ever noticed the miscount.  Probably not.

Of course, I don't eat hard boiled eggs.  I did back when I was egg hunting age.  But, in the fourth grade, I was given a hard boiled egg in my lunch by my grandmother.  It was a rotten egg--literally.  I got so sick from eating it that I still cannot eat a hard boiled egg to this day.  So, if I go to an event that has hard boiled eggs or variants like deviled eggs--forget it.  Not gonna happen.  They aren't going down the hatch.  

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