Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Garbage vigilante

The condo complex I live at has a bin for co-mingled recycling.  But they don't take plastic bags, which can't be recycled, at least not by the recycling company we use.  There are signs everywhere that say no plastic bags.  Yet a certain strain of idiot resident keeps dumping their recycling in plastic bags. I just don't understand these people.  But I am resigned to the fact that until we have android cops that will kill violators, there's nothing I can do about it.  

Now, some of the bag idiots have a new tactic.  They just leave their bags of recycling in the parking lot and don't even put it in the bin.  Kind of defeats the spirit of recycling.  So, imagine my pleasure when I observed the culprit in action--just dropping the bag of cans and bottles right in the parking lot. Well, those folks are going to get a surprise the next time they use their barbecue grill.  It's packed full of their recycling they should have disposed of properly.  A petty little world, but my world nonetheless.


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