Saturday, March 14, 2015


I don't know if this is a Colorado thing, but some people planning a wedding wanted  a ranch fountain. I've heard of chocolate fountains, but this was a new concept.  Yes, I'm talking about ranch salad dressing. Around these parts, if you call a pizza place and order a salad there's a good chance it'll come with ranch dressing already on it and they'll never even ask you if that's what you want. Heck, a local Chinese restaurant serves you a ranch salad with their lunch special.  The stuff is everywhere. What I find myself wondering is why?  I grew up in California. I swear I do not recall ranch dressing as being all that popular back then.  It's possible I was simply so out of it that I didn't notice.  It's also possible that ranch has simply surged in popularity since my salad days back then. Ha ha, salad days.  All I know is I don't particularly care for ranch dressing and am baffled by its popularity.  Frankly, I'll take a nice vinaigrette or some thousand island any day. 

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