Thursday, March 5, 2015

What do they teach these people?

A couple of nights ago the housekeepers left a vacuum out in the hall at the hotel I work at [my "day" job]. Since there was some spilled hot chocolate powder I vacuumed it up.  As the vacuum cleaner was a Hoover, I mentioned to two teenage girls in the lobby that J. Edgar Hoover invented the vacuum cleaner. They had no idea who J. Edgar Hoover was--no idea whatsoever. I told them he invented the FBI. and the vacuum cleaner and Hoover Dam near Las Vegas was named for him.  They had absolutely no idea who he was.  What the heck do they teach these kids in school?

Now, some folks who may not read and remember every useless posting I convey here may think something is askance with the first paragraph.  Well, I know that.  I've long had this strange fascination with J. Edgar Hoover.  I've even insisted he and famed writer Edgar Rice Burrows were the same person.  Look at pictures of both of them some time.  Hoover Dam was named after Herbert Hoover, actually.  I know all this, yet I compulsively  insist it was J. Edgar Hoover. I guess I do this because it amazes me at how many people I seem to convince it was J. Edgar who accomplished all this. Actually, some guy named James Spangler invented the vacuum cleaner. He later sold the invention to some guy named Hoover, completely unrelated to J. Edgar Hoover. I know all this. But how can I convincingly  say J. Edgar did all this when these kids don't know who J. Edgar Hoover was? This is getting tough.

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