Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A horse is a horse

In talking to a few hotel guests a few nights ago [on a very slow night] we were discussing what TV shows we'd like to see remade.  We got a predictable vote for Batman.  and somebody wanted Lost in Space. And there was a vote for the Ed Sullivan Show.  Well, then I said I'd love to see new episodes of Mr. Ed.   Nobody had any idea who Mr. Ed was.  What a shame. It was my favorite show back in the day.  It ran for about five seasons in the 60's.  It was about a talking horse named Ed and his person, Wilbur Post. Ed kept getting Wilbur in odd and funny predicaments.  And he never talked, except to Wilbur.  The show Alf, which came along much later, was the same show except they used an alien instead of a talking horse.  

So, I loved Mr. Ed and would love to see a remake.  As for Batman, the TV series, I broke my arm playing Batman. I was in the third grade at the time.  It's too painful of a memory.  And Lost in Space, I never took to it and thought it was stupid.  I love science fiction. But face it, anyone else would've shoved Dr. Smith out the airlock.  Th Ed Sullivan Show, can't say much on that. I've never watched it.   I'm probably dating myself a bit.  Heck, I was amazed these folks even remembered any of the vintage TV shows. Of course, the Batman series still runs on one of those cable channels nobody watches. I have not seen Mr. Ed on any of those places. 

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