Thursday, April 23, 2015

Check that cheque

How much attention do you pay to those restaurant checks?  I did this same experiment last year, but decided to revisit.  Things have gotten worse. I waited until I'd gone to 10 restaurants for lunch or supper.  Specifically, 10 restaurants that use manual checks.  I haven't found the same problems with the computerized restaurant checks.

So, out of ten places, I found 9 of them had errors on the bill.  Ninety percent error rate.  Yep. And all of them in the favor of the restaurant. Innocent mistake?  Poor math skills?  Perhaps, but ninety percent? I think some of these places are deliberately raking people with "errors" on the bills.  It's too high a rate to come to any other conclusion. Errors were all at least 10 percent off. One was even more than that. Entrees wrong amount. Tax amount is not correct [In my state each town has its own tax rate, but I found tax amounts that were almost 20 percent when the tax rate was about 7 percent. In other words, they just made up an amount and put it down].

So, eat out at your own peril.  And when you get that bill, look it over.  You may be surprised.

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