Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Haunted Hotels

It's no secret I have a certain interest in haunted hotels.  I've even worked in a few.  However, while some hotels embrace their hauntedness, most do not.  That was why I gave up a few years back when I wanted to do a book on haunted hotels.  Most hotel managers hung up on me.  These are hotels that aren't all that famous for being haunted and seemed to want to keep it that way.  

Still, it's interesting when somebody mentions a certain hotel and I blurt out "it;s haunted."  That leaves folks wondering, until I start reciting details about why it's haunted.  So, that said, what makes a hotel haunted?  The one I work at has creepy noises, doors opening by themselves, loud footsteps in hallways and never anyone there, and disembodied voices.  On the other hand, the one in Wyoming I used to work at had full bodied apparitions and people getting touched and all sort of creepies.  Sometimes it's not if they're haunted, but rather how much they're haunted.  

I'd like to visit more haunted hotels, but just don't have the travel budget right now to do it.  Bucket list--absolutely.

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