Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Phun with flying

Down Denver way they've had a deal where a few TSA screeners at the airport were involved with groping people. The last time I flew there was this red haired girl at the Phoenix airport. As I was going through the line I was thinking that I would very much like it if she would grope me. Yes, indeed, I really wanted her to grope me. But, she paid me no mind at all and I went right on through the process, put my shoes back on and continued to my plane.

Alas, I've found flying has become so awful I've decided I'm not going to fly anymore. Ergo, all the horrible crowding and shoving the seats too close together and charging five dollars for a can of soda--they can keep all of that, thank you. I've had it.  I'll just stay home.  Even though that means I'll never get handcuffed by British police women, so be it. There's something about those British police women's uniforms.  But, in balance, I'll just stay home.  

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