Friday, April 3, 2015

The Great Sprite Conspiracy

A few odd things this week have me completely baffled.  I'm calling it the great Sprite conspiracy. First off, I went into a Chinese restaurant for lunch. I ordered iced tea, which I've had before there.  I was baffled when the waitress brought me Sprite.  When I told her I didn't order that, it appeared she spoke no English whatsoever.  This was a little more Chinese experience than I was seeking.  Since I couldn't get her to bring me my iced tea, I got up and walked out of the restaurant in disgust.  

Then, a few days later I tried to have lunch at a local diner type place.  I was informed they were out of iced tea and they offered me Sprite. "I don't want any Sprite. Do you have Coke?"  Well, I was told they were out of Coke.  I settled, reluctantly, on Mr. Pibb.  And, as I are my lunch, I noticed others in the restaurant ordering and getting Coke. Why did I get such a low tip? The waitress is likely wondering.  I shouldn't have tipped her at all, but I might go back there some day.  

So, I went to the grocery store.  They had Sprite on sale.  I didn't buy any.  But it gets better.  On my way to work, I stopped off at a convenience store and tried to purchase a beverage.  You know, the fountain variety that are often fairly cheap and have different amounts of gulps you can buy.  Well, there was no iced tea.  And then I discovered, nothing came out of any of the options but Sprite.  "I don't want Sprite, goddam it!"  I said aloud. I left the store without buying anything.  

I don't like Sprite.  .

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