Friday, May 1, 2015


Back a few years ago I injured myself slipping on some ice.  I had to have physical therapy to get everything working properly.  Well, the therapist asked if I could have any super power, what would it be.  And I replied: You mean like x-ray vision or something? And she said yeah.  Well, I said I'd like to be able to give people diarrhea on command.  Now, I think she thought that was a bit weird.  But, I think it would be an awesome power.  Just think, a rival goes in to interview for a promotion; phytt.  Some politician you don't like goes up to the podium to make a major speech; phytt.  Suddenly a pants full of poop in front of a large crowd and maybe on TV.  Even crime fighting, when some crook tries to run away; phytt.  Try running from the police with your pants full of poop.

To me this seems like an incredible power to have.  I think that would be way cooler that x-ray vision or invisibility.  Now, I haven't quite worked out the details of my superhero that can make peoples drawers fill up with squishy, smelly brown material. But, if I do I'm sure it'll be a big winner and I'll send my idea off to Marvel any day now.  The Avengers movies will never be the same.

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