Saturday, May 9, 2015

Random Thoughts on Bigfoot

I live on a river–the Eagle River to be specific.
I live near forested and undeveloped land, although there's also something resembling a town around as well.
We've been having huge amounts of rainfall this past week.
Now, just file those facts away for a moment.

Like a lot of people, I've been curious about the existence of Bigfoot.  I've never seen one, but so many people have that I find myself wondering what's going on.  And I'm no expert on Sasquatch [another name for Bigfoot], but I've found myself questioning the methodology of some efforts to find these animals.  There are two TV shows I really wonder about. One is Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet.  The basis of their method is this team of four investigators goes to hotspots and wanders around for a couple of days. They claim to hear howls and tree branches breaking, but their microphones never seem to pick up anything and they never get any quality video, even with all kinds of cameras.  Now, here's my problem: They come in and only stay in a specific spot for a few hours, maybe a day. Even if there were Sasquatch in the general area, they might not be at that specific spot at that particular moment. Let me give you an example. I live in Edwards, Colorado.  If some team came to Edwards to find me and spent a day wandering around the area they might catch a glimpse of me, but I could just as easily be in Vail working or at home sleeping during that time and they would then go away and tell folks they didn't find me. And some others would say if your couldn't find him, then maybe he doesn't exist.

Using a similar methodology, The Survivorman series which is no longer about surviving in the wild and now focuses on finding Bigfoot, produced from our Canadian friends, also goes around and goes to hot spots and is there a day or so. The next episode he's off some other place looking around and setting out cameras that never pick up anything.

So, go back to my example of finding me in Edwards.  If you stayed around Edwards a while, eventually you actually would likely see me. It's not that big a town.  Likewise, I think if you want to find Bigfoot, you should go to a hotspot and stay there until you find one. It might take a month. It might take even longer. But, if they actually live in an area and you stay vigilant, it seems you would eventually find one.

Now, revisit the fact I live on a river and we've had huge amounts of rainfall.  I was wandering around last Monday, thinking about how high the river was and wondering if fishing would be worth doing, and if so, where to fish.  I saw a footprint in the mud.  It looked sort of human, but much bigger.  My thought was this could be a Bigfoot print.  I decided I would go and get some plaster and a measuring tape and maybe even a camera.  I realized it might have been made by a bear or person, but I thought I should preserve it for analysis. Well, it took quite a while to get this stuff, especially plaster. I did find a place that sells it and an hour and a half later I returned.

The river had risen considerably. The place where the footprint had been was now underwater. The footprint was gone.

I don't know if it was what I suspected. And I'll never know.  

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