Saturday, May 16, 2015

road trip

It’s been traveling time this past week.  For some reason I become unbelievably cheap when it comes to travel.  First, my dad took a trip.  I usually book his travel for him.  Now he didn’t ask for the cheapest room on his trip, but he should have known. Well, the one with just one double bed was two dollars cheaper than the king bed room.  I gather they upgraded him.

Then there was my trip.  I was driving through Las Vegas.  I found a room at a casino hotel for $47. I booked it. Two days before I left I noticed they’d dropped their rate to $35. Now, most folks would’ve just lived with it. Not me, I cancelled the original booking and re-booked the now cheaper room rate.  Keep in mind I work in the hotel biz myself. At the hotel I work at you couldn’t sleep in the restroom for $47.  That was a decent deal, but I still went for that cheaper room like a fish going after a minnow. 

So, I was spending the night in Vegas, baby.  The buffet a block down the street was a dollar cheaper than the one in my hotel.  Did I walk down the street over a dollar? You know it, baby. 

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