Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Showdown at Midnight

I've just become aware of a recent review of Showdown at Midnight.  This is a book you don't hear about much.  It's not currently in print.  This was a book I liked, but it never caught on.  I could've used a few more good reviews much earlier in the cycle.  The book had some problems.  There was a contract dispute with one of the contributors.  People just hated the cover--and I mean hated it. No one would review it. And the book did not sell at all. I got so frustrated with it I took it off the market. Anyway, since it's not on the market I was surprised to see it on a review site.  This was featured on Bitten by Books, which is a pretty good review site.  It's still nice when someone says something nice about your work.  There are a few used copies floating around if anyone's interested. 

Showdown at Midnight: Tales of Horror & Dark Fantasy From the Weird Weird West edited by David B. RileyShowdown at Midnight is a collection of stories set in an Old West that is chock-full of the strange, supernatural, and at times horrific. Werewolves, ghost train robbers, wendigos, bloodthirsty vampire bats, you name it.... For a reader looking for a supernatural/fantasy/horror anthology with quick, fun reads, I would definitely recommend Showdown at Midnight

For the full review go to   http://bittenbybooks.com/showdown-at-midnight-edited-by-david-b-riley/

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