Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Strange alien language

Yesterday I did something so astonishingly stupid people were probably talking about me at a local restaurant.  I was so incredibly exhausted I could barely hold my head up.  It's rare for me to get that tired, but that's what happened.  And, I also was rather hungry.  So, while I needed to be home sleeping, I decided to grab some breakfast first. The waitress handed me a menu.  I studied it for a bit, but could not read it. I couldn't figure out what language this thing could possibly be written in. Try as I might, I just could not read this thing.  The waitress came by and I said I could not read the menu. I didn't know what language this was.

She took it, then turned it around, then handed it back to me.  Yep, it had been upside down.  Yep. Yes I did.  They were probably talking about me all day long.  I may not be able to go there again. This was right up there with the time in the first grade when I pooped my pants and my mom had to being me clean pants and underwear. 

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