Friday, May 8, 2015

Viva novellas

I like novellas.  I like reading them. I like writing them. Alas, I don't write them very often.  As much as I enjoy this length of story--more developed than a short story but lacking the tedium of a novel, they're very hard to get published anywhere.  I just finished one.  I've got another one in the ebook Airship Stories that just came out.  They're as different as night and day. One involves a steampunk airship. The other deals with spooky stuff.  Alas, I may have trouble finding a home for "Malevolent Entities." Time will tell, I suppose.  

Never really been sure if a novella is italicized or put in quotes. Short stories go in quotes. Books go in italics.  Just like everything about novellas, they're in a no man's land in so many way. 

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