Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Getting Published

Getting published has changed over time.  What it once meant doesn't seem to reflect modern usage.  There are a lot of delusional writers who have convinced themselves they're published authors because they self published some piece of crap.  They're not. Not in my book anyway.

Anyway, I just finished the basic editing and layout of my new magazine, Story Emporium.  My best advice to anybody who wants to get published is read the blasted instructions.  Most projects, especially anthologies and magazines, have guidelines for writers about what they are seeking.  Follow them.  It is astonishing how many of the manuscripts that come in completely ignore the guidelines we posted.  A lot of it is in format. We tell them to use 12 point type--they use 10 point. We tell them not to use courier type--they naturally send it in courier. We tell them not to use tabs and use the features of word processors like Wordperfect [yay] and Word [ho hum] and they pound it out like a typewriter. And so on.  And we have to decide if these are intolerable deviations, or minor infractions   Believe me, I am not kidding when I put these things in the guidelines.

So, you want to get published, try following the guidelines instead of just spewing stuff out.  That act by it self more than doubles your chances of getting published.

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