Saturday, June 13, 2015

Stun setting

Last night I noticed someone was wandering around just outside my condo with a flashlight.  I'm not sure if the presence of a flashlight is a good thing or a bad thing.  Would someone with no flashlight be  a bigger threat than one with one?  At any rate, at around midnight, I was not overjoyed that someone appeared to be snooping around.  Do I set my phaser on stun or a higher setting?  Well, the flashlight wandered off and I went back to watching Perry Mason reruns. My life is so exciting. 

I've always thought a nice phaser would be really handy to have.  The problem with my .357 is if  send it and it turns out I was wrong, oops.  This guy's missing a head all of a sudden.  With a phaser on stun, you just tell him he tripped on dog poop and hit his head.  Of course, the villains were always deactivating the phasers--not likely with the .357.  

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