Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I suppose, by most standards, I have a fairly large vocabulary. and, I suppose, at times, that's been a good thing--although I can't say for certain.  It's not like knowing what words mean puts money in my pockets or gets women to like me.  For some reason I was waxing nostalgic about a job I once had a long time ago.  This guy George worked at the same place and was a total moron.  I never found out why, but some of the girls that worked there started calling him smegma.   He had no idea what it meant.  He said, "I think it has something to do with the male penis."  I told him it does, actually.  Then I told him what it meant. He didn't seem very happy, which reminded me of another obscure term--ignorance is blissed. 

I never found out precisely why they were calling him smegma. George was the sort of guy that if someone ran up to him and hit him with a hammer, you'd be tempted to reward the assailant with a few bucks.

Smegma is a thick, cheeselike, sebaceous secretion that collects beneath the foreskin

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