Friday, July 24, 2015

Decrepit Geezer Dayz

Well, I tend to think of today as Decrepit Geezer Day.  Why? Well, birthdays aren't as fun as they used to be.  But I don't know that they ever were all that great.  I used to lament the fact that during the school year they let kids who had birthdays wear some cheap paper crown around all day--but those of us with summer birthdays never got to experience such things.  It really bothered me around the third grade or so. But not nearly as much as the stupid lame birthday parties I was given. I mean, I guess my mom meant well, but then she'd turn around and let some little sister of one of my friends come along.  I really resented that. But, the cake would be some flavor I didn't like and I usually was relieved when the blasted birthday party was finally over.  At some merciful point as I grew up I stopped getting birthday parties.  

I don't get presents anymore.  I'll likely get a card or two in the mail later today, but that's it.  Most of the cards I get have some dog doing something like driving a car or eating cake.  And then, mercifully, midnight will arrive and I'll just be a little closer to being another senile old coot   And that'll be that.  

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