Sunday, July 19, 2015

Life in Space (A conspiracy)

Well, the space probe has flown by Pluto and is off heading for wherever.  For such a small world it caused quite a stir.  I don't recall that much interest in other recent space probes.  Of course Pluto's different, a small rocky world in a neighborhood run by the big gas giants.  

When I was around first grade or so I got a telescope for Christmas.  It was defective.  And the store didn't have any more. so I didn't really get a Christmas present that year. Then, around the eight grade we had a telescope making club. We met after school. Problem was the teacher insisted we grind our own telescope mirrors. I don't think anyone ever finished one. We all kind of dropped out claiming lack of money or other pressing duties with the Boy Scouts--anything to get out of that afternoon horror. It was a shame as mirrors could easily be purchased from a number of companies and we could have set about putting our telescopes together and searching the heavens trying to discover the next flaming comet heading in to destroy all mankind (it was junior high)..  

The years went by and I never made any such discoveries.  About five years ago another large chain store had a bunch of telescopes on sale. I decided what the heck and bought one.  I took it home and set it up and quickly discovered why they were so cheap. Damned Chinese telescope. I'm sorry, but everything made in that country turns out to be crap.   I took it back to the store.  And I still have never owned a telescope.  

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