Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Market Farmers

Around these parts we have farmers markets on every street corner--at least it seems that way.  And they sell produce from the very same companies that the local supermarket has for twice as much money.  Yep, the trays and crates behind the tents are same exact brands you can buy from at the store.  Most of the food bought in this country comes through distributors of one sort or another. 

Now there are some baked goods and stuff at these things that may have some aspect that can't get at the local store.  But this is not the local farmer selling his wares as in days of old.  I remember growing up and going to my grandmother's house in Arkansas. She lived in a largely rural and farming area. There were little booths along the side of the road and you could get amazingly fresh locally grown items.  But those days seem largely gone. And what's being passed off as farmers markets really is anything but.  This food is coming from the same wholesalers as everyone else's food.  It's not what they want people to believe. 

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