Thursday, July 9, 2015

Planning Stuff

My last few days have been spent putting the finishing touches on the new issue of Story Emporium. I hope people like it.  We did two issues of Steampunk Trails which did not sell all that well.  After putting out Science Fiction Trails for a decade, my inkling was to go back to that model. But that magazine had problems as well--namely we could never get submissions as the focus was so narrow and specialized.  Hence, we came up with an entirely new fiction magazine. Story Emporium will seem quite familiar in the sense a lot of the Science Fiction Trails alumni return, like Sam Knight, Lyn McConchie, Henry Ram and Joel Jenkins. But there's a much broader range of stories than simply western sci fi.  Time will tell if people like it, but it's got dinosaurs on the cover. How can you not like a magazine with dinosaurs on the cover?  It debuts this coming weekend.

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