Saturday, July 11, 2015

Publishin' Stuff

Way back when I first started publishing stuff the fist few copies were of Trails and were actually side stapled and made at Kinkos. My how times have changed.  And the covers were clip art.  Trails gave way to Science Fiction Trails. Issue 2 of Science Fiction Trails was the first time I used a professional artist  And I was dismayed that sales didn't really pick up even with the more professional; look. They did eventually, but it sure took a while. I don't know what reaction folks would have if the new issue of Story Emporium had come out as  a side stapled magazine with a clip art cover. 

Frankly, I kind of like clip art. The biggest problem with clip art is most of it is very low resolution.  What worked for a copy machine sure doesn't work in the era of digital art.  There's more high resolution stuff on the market, but an awful lot of it is garbage. 

Since I sell more copies as ebooks than print these days, I think a clip art cover photocopied magazine would not fare too well in the current climate.  More importantly, it wouldn't have dinosaurs on the cover.  I've found that what few clip art pictures of dinosaurs exist are really lame. The dinosaurs on the new cover are really cool.  When we were planning the new magazine I wanted dinosaurs on the cover and went to Wayne Miller and asked for dinosaurs.  And it turns out Wayne loves drawing dinosaurs, so I got dinosaurs.  And that's how covers come into being. 

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