Saturday, July 4, 2015

Rip Roaring 4th

When my brother and I were growing up, our family often spent the 4th of July at our grandmother's house in Arkansas. They didn't care about fireworks and you could set them off all day long. The only restriction we had was how much we could afford to purchase.  We soon learned firecrackers and bottle rockets were fairly cheap while roman candles and skyrockets were not.  And we could set firecrackers off all day--not to mention blow up the occasional ant hill.  

I've now lived in a state where fireworks are not widely allowed for over a decade. Most counties ban them.  I kind of miss the little explosions, Even at my decrepit age I wish I could fire off a few bottle rockets.  But that's progress.  I just can't get as excited about the commercial displays.  They're just not as much fun.

Since I'm working tonight, I don't have any real plans to do anything fireworks related or otherwise. Someday, maybe even next year, one thing on my bucket list is to go someplace where you can set off fireworks and get  a whole mess of them and blast away.  But this year's pretty much a dud.

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