Thursday, July 30, 2015

Strange Goings On

I've often wondered about a few business establishments around where I live.  First, there's my bank. I've been with them two years.  They never have any customers inside--never.  I would think, at least occasionally, I'd have to wait in line or have somebody waiting behind me to do a teller transaction. Not so. This place never has any customers inside it.  

Then there's the local Chinese restaurant. They have customers. What I find odd there is there are never the same employees working there. Every time I've gone there, I don't recognize any of the employees.  The bartenders, waiters, and brief glimpses of cooks are always unfamiliar.

And last we come to the market. It's a small local market that people tend to use to buy a few items when they don't want to drive some distance to the local supermarket.  I don't go in there very often. When I do, there's always this same old lady shopping in there. It doesn't matter what time of day or day of the week I go in there--there she is with her little basket buying whatever the hell she buys.

All of these establishments, in their own way, seem to defy the basic laws of probability.  I spend a lot of time wondering about things like this.  

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