Monday, August 10, 2015


The new cover of Story Emporium has a dinosaur on it.  I was reminiscing about this dinosaur footprints place in Texas that our family went to when we were kids.  They had fossilized dinosaur footprints.  We were fairly young, but I still remember it.  But what I remember most of all was this machine in the gift shop.  You could make your own dinosaur. They were molded out of plastic and they came out still warm and ready to play with.  And you could select what you wanted, at least with a few options.  My brother got a triceratops.It was blue and really cool looking.  But what's bothering me with this scenario is I can't remember what kind of dinosaur I got out of the machine--no recollection whatsoever.  I don't understand why I can remember my brother's dinosaur but not my own.

Boys like dinosaurs.  They really do.  Unless they're one of those sissy kids. If you need a gift idea, just get the kid a dinosaur and you won't go wrong. 

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