Wednesday, August 12, 2015

kustomer service?

Well, I bought a gift card for a large online store from a large grocery chain.  I bought it because they give you fuel points if you buy them.  Boy that worked out real well. The gift card was defective and some of the code on it was smeared.  Well, the store has a toll free number where they claim they'll help you if you have a problem.  So I called it. And I was told my call was important to them and it would be answered in the order received.  And I waited on hold and I waited and I waited.  I finally put the phone down and went to the bank and got a hair cut and had lunch. Three hours later I came back to the phone.  The recording was still playing that my call was important to them--like hell.It's obvious they don't have anyone there at all answering the phone. It's just  a recording and they know everyone will eventually give up. So  I still have a defective gift card that I can't use;.  Hell of a deal.

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