Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Pens are something you don't really think about all that much.  You just write with one and put it away.  That's why the past week has been so baffling. Every pen I pick up doesn't work.  I must've gone through 20 of the darned things.  They were all either out of ink or defective.  I usually have a pen problem once or twice a year.  To top it off I went to the bank yesterday.  I wanted to fill out a deposit slip and I noticed there were no pens around. Banks always have pens.  The teller informed me they were all out of working pens.  

"Then how do I make a deposit" I asked.

"I'll type it into the computer for you."  And she did.

I guess all of our pens are coming from that large Asian country that's notorious for crappy goods.  

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