Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Random thoughts on light bulbs

Light bulbs cost too much.

A staggering amount of energy is wasted illuminating empty hallways and rooms, especially in commercial buildings.

The energy efficient bulbs simply are not bright enough.

I love going to hardware stores and looking at light bulbs.

I really like the LED Christmas lights.

I have an LED flashlight that works really well and throws way more light than the old style flashlights with bulbs in them. Ergo, if a flashlight puts out more light that brings me back to why are the LED lights for home use so darned dim.

 Why can't they reverse engineer whatever the flying saucers at Area 51 use for light and put it on the market?  Flying saucers put out a lot of light.

People around here have doggie flashlights. They hang around the dog's neck and shine down on the ground.  Dogs don't need flashlights.  And, if the intent is to be seen, a reflective collar would accomplish the same thing.

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