Thursday, September 10, 2015


In case anyone's wondering, here's the current status of things I've mentioned that were in the works.:

I will be at Mile Hi Con next month [Oct 23-25].  More info later.  I'll be co-presenting on 19th Century Martians.  The con schedule isn't out yet so I know not what else I'll be doing.  I have a nifty story in Under a Dark Sign which is supposedly going to launch at the con.

I've edited a new weird western anthology called Heat of the Midday Sun which I hope will be out in early October.  It's a lot of Halloween appropriate content if you're looking for something for Halloween.

I've abandoned all hope of setting up a Halloween author reading.  Can't come up with a venue. 

I have a new science fiction novel that [hopefully] will be out this winter.  There was some discussion about bringing it out at Cosine in Colorado Springs, but that is not a done deal.  I'll update plans when I have more information.  

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