Friday, October 16, 2015

alternate universes

There used to be a TV show about these people bouncing around from one parallel universe to another.I don't recall the name of it. I didn't like it much.  But, if someone had been travelling to alternate universes and came back in a few months and found that Playboy contains no nudity, they'd believe they were still in a different universe.   First,  let me say I think Playboy has always been a really stupid magazine.  Most guys eventually come to that conclusion and stop reading it.  In fact, I would argue that Playboy's problems have more to do with shifting demographics than nudity.  

They appear to be going after better distribution, as most convenience store chains and grocery stores refuse to carry magazines with nudity--and that's where most magazines are sold these days.  But, I think they should've just packed it in. Playboy without a nude playmate, well, it just leaves a stupid magazine with not much else going for it.  I predict their move to a no nudity format will simply hasten the demise of the magazine altogether.  I doubt that they care what I think.  

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