Thursday, October 15, 2015

Driving along.

I pull into the hotel parking lot. The back door to my car opens.
Boy, that was fast.
Why are you in my car, lady?
That's kind of rude.  You're taking me to the Mae Palace.
I am? I thought I was going to work.
Let's get going.
We pull back out on the Frontage Road.
I don't like butt sex.
Uh, who in hell cares?
It hurts too much. My boyfriend wants it constantly. He won't use Ky. That's the real problem.
Why don't you just twist his nuts off with pliers?
Oh, I never thought of that.
We here now.
I didn't know you were Chinese. What should I order?
Order dried shrimp and peas. Velly good. Go now.
You sure this is the Mae Palace? Looks like the parking structure.
Down one level. You take stairs. Go now.
You're awfully rude for an Uber driver. I may only give you one star.
Down the stairs. Go now. Get Chinese food.
Oh yeah. I hope my boyfriend doesn't want any.
Told you, twist his nuts with pliers. Go now.
She finally gets out of my car. I drive away. Got work to do. I ain't no blasted Uber driver. No frigin way.

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