Tuesday, October 13, 2015

stuff keeps going away

I used to get a calendar every year that had flying saucer pictures on it.  It was about the coolest calendar I ever had. Then the company that made them abruptly dropped them starting with this current year of 2015.  It really ticked me off that little old ladies could get 50 different cat calendars but I could no longer have even one flying saucer calendar.  Well, the 2016 calendars are coming out and there still is no flying saucer calendar and I'm still ticked off about it. And, it does not appear that any other company has swooped in to fill the void. There just any flying saucer calendars.

First they take away the chocolate milk I like. Then they take away the calendars I like.  I wonder what's next.

This is not a picture from a flying saucer calendar because there aren't any more flying saucer calendars

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