Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Turn off that TV and go for a walk.  I walked my friend's dog as they're out of town. You watch TV and they carry on about terrorists.  You'd think there are terrorists under every bush.   A handful of losers got some guns and shot some people in France and blew themselves up. They think they'll be martyrs. Personally, I hope there's a special place in hell for them. No matter, they're just a bunch of thugs with guns. Most of them are total losers who couldn't get a real job, so they took up terrorism. They're hardly invincible. So, turn off the TV.  Don't let gloom and doom overtake everything.  Some historians don't think Thanksgiving Dinner with the Pilgrims really happened.  I wasn't there. But Abraham Lincoln declared it an official holiday because he thought America should lighten up--and things were pretty grim back then during the Civil War. 

There's plenty to be thankful for. Donald Trump is running for president [just kidding on that one].Hey, unemployment has come down a lot.  More Americans have health insurance.  And Trevor has a new ball from Petsmart.  Trevor is the dog (golden retriever) I'm looking after. His owner works for an oil company and sometimes he (the owner, not the dog) has to go over to England. So, I'm looking after Trevor this week.  I took Trevor to Petsmart. He picked out this lime green ball.  He loves playing with it. Dogs don't get to shop much. I think the people running those stores are geniuses. Trevor found the ball on a lower shelf--no accident. So he got to pick out his own toy.  And it squeaks. That makes them more fun.

So, take someone's dog for a walk.  Stop fretting about things so much.  

I'm happy I have a job and and a roof over my head. Hell, there's even a cute redhead who moved in down the street. Trevor is happy he has a new green ball.

Oh, and don't stuff that turkey. That's what causes them to get dried out and overcooked. They cook way better without stuffing in them.

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