Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ald whatever

One of the more pointless holidays on the calendar is New Years. It's the one holiday that doesn't really stand for anything.  It's just people celebrate a non event as the planet earth moves around the sun--as if our screwed up calendar has any real meaning or significance.  My point is the new year could actually start on any day, it just happens to be this Friday.  The Chinese have a much older calendar and they celebrate New Years on a different day.  In fact, it's a pretty widespread concept across religions and cultures to celebrate New Years in some fashion.  If people gave me money or food or something I might like the holiday better. But people actually celebrate New Years the night before.  And the day itself consists of watching football games.  

Gee Dave, aren't we getting kind of cranky?  Perhaps.  But I just think New Years, just a week after we've had Santa Claus sneaking around our house just kind of blows.  Most people either get drunk and make an ass out of themselves or they stand around someplace in the cold, like Times Square, I guess I just don't get it.

But if anyone is reading this and has some celebration planned, well Happy New year and to all a good night.  Maybe they should get that pink elephant to come around and hand out booze to children who can't sleep because their parents are making too much noise.  Humbug.  

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