Friday, December 18, 2015

Cereal Blues

I bought some Grape Nuts Flakes yesterday. I hadn't had any in a year.  No one sells it.  The store I usually shop at even told me they don't make it anymore. Well, that was a lie.  Walmart had plenty of it.  This is kind of a boring cereal.  If you haven't had any, it's kind of somewhere between bran flakes and corn flakes.  I've always liked it for some reason.  Not to be confused with regular Grape Nuts, which are readily available in most stores. These are quite different.

Speaking of cereal, if I ever win the lottery, I'm going to market Abominable Cereal.  It would have little frosted Abominable Snowmen and a picture on the box of the Abominable Snowman on top a mountain summit swatting at airplanes.  Like that's ever going to really happen.

Another cereal I'd love to see would be Martian cereal, with little green men .

But, if I can't have cereal with little green men or Abominable Snowmen, then just give me my simple Grape Nuts Flakes.  I'm happy.

I'm surprised they haven't got Star Wars cereal.  They've got everything else. Heck, they even had Star Wars soup in the store yesterday.  I didn't buy any.