Wednesday, January 13, 2016


It can be amazingly complicated when your car beaks down where I live.  In this case, the culprit was the car battery.  It gave no warning, I just suddenly could not get it to turn over. I'm sure our recent spat of subzero temperatures hastened the problem.  And this is where I was glad I had emergency road service coverage.  It only took the tow truck driver a few minutes to get me going, but I was sure glad I din't have to pay for the service call--which runs about $75 bucks [this is not a cheap place to live]. But no one seemed to have the correct battery in stock.  I feared if they ordered one, by the time they got it in, I'd be getting real chummy with the tow truck guy and my insurance company would send goons to work me over.  But, finally, I found a place that had one.  I was so happy.  

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