Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dog Bandages

Yesterday I had surgery on my nose.  It wasn't any big deal, only took a few minutes and was done at the doctor's office.  And I left with a big white bandage on my nose.

So, I'm in the elevator and this lady and her dog are in there [people routinely take dogs in buildings where I live].  The dog had a bandage on his leg and he was wearing a satellite dish.  Now I don't know what dogs actually think, but the way the dog kept looking at me, I felt like he was thinking Why doesn't that guy have to wear one of these stupid things around his neck like I have to?
Anyway, that's what it seemed like he was thinking.  

It would be hard to drive with those one of those dog cones around my neck.  

And my dad didn't understand why they call them satellite dishes.  Come on, they look just like the satellite dishes on people's homes. Jeez. Even the dog understood that.

It wouldn't be so bad if I could get the Simpsons on this thing.

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