Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hail Mary

Well, in case you had not heard, the NFL playoffs are underway.  If you missed it, you missed it, but in the last seconds of Saturday's game against the Cardinals, Aaron Rogers threw a perfect Hail Mary pass into the end zone and the Packers stalled doom by tying up the game with the Cardinals.  All for naught, as the Cardinals quickly scored in overtime and won.

A Hail Mary is a beautiful thing to see.  Frankly, I doubt very many QBs in the NFL can really throw one.  So I was amazed when I saw it.  It brought back a memory from years ago when my mother was still alive. We, meaning me and somebody else, were talking about a Hail Mary someone tried to throw.  My mother wanted to know what a Hail Mary was.  Well, I tried to explain it to her. And tried And tried. It was pointless. And my mother was not ignorant of football and seemed to like the college game more than the NFL. But the Hail Mary was something she could not grasp.  

Oh well.  It's a thing of beauty. Aaron Rogers should get a medal from Congress or something.

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