Thursday, February 18, 2016


When we say hatchet, which is an Americanization of the term hand ax.  We must keep in mind hatchet is originally a French word [hatchette for little ax.] this is a tool that is made for cutting wood.  Used properly, it is quite useful for cutting kindling or small batches of firewood. 

They are sometimes used for throwing.  Various traveling road shoes, lumberjack festivals and other means of entertainment have thrown axes at targets.  Although not nearly as accurate as a knife, as they tend to have an uneven weight distribution, they can be thrown.  Some people have even tried using them as weapons by throwing them at an adversary,

My point here is not so much to provide a history of the hatchet, but to ask the readers of this blog a question.  How do you describe the sound an ax makes when it is thrown? I am really struggling with this.  I am unable to come up with the words to describe the sound—and I have heard it. I have thrown axes. And I cannot describe that sound.

If anyone can describe it, please post it in the blog comments.  I’d be much obliged. I really would.

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