Saturday, February 13, 2016

Philm History & Reviewing Stuff

I don't go to films very often and seldom review those I do see. Looking back over the years I am far more likely to review a western than any other genre.  Even though I edit horror anthologies and am an active member of the HWA and vote for the Stoker Awards, I seldom review horror movies. I'm not sure why.  A lot of the movies I don't review just don't seem like they're worth the bother.  Case in point, Hail Caesar, which is currently plying.  Why bother.  That's all I have to say about it. 

I think the last movie I gave a full review to was Hateful8.  Of course that was a western--and also a Quentin Terantino film.  I love Quentin Terantino movies.

Star Wars wasn't reviewed by me because I never bothered to go and see it.  It's no longer playing in these parts.

So, maybe I'll review something this year and maybe I won't.  I don't review books very often, either. People used to send me books for review. That seldom happens anymore.  Of course the books I got were when I was still editing Science Fiction Trails. They were mostly inappropriate, like some PR firm just blanket mailed out to every magazine that had the words science and fiction in its title.

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