Monday, February 15, 2016

President's Day

Today is President's Day, a real national holiday.  Back when I was young we got Lincoln's birthday and Washington's birthday off.  Then someone decided we should just have one day to honor all of the presidents.  I've never been sure if that means we are supposed to send a card to the White House to honor the current president.  I never have.  Nor have I sent a card to either George Bush or President Carter.  All three, plus President Clinton are still alive.  So, is it really Presidents Day or is it Dead Presidents Day?  I mean I've never seen a card in Walgreens to mail to an alive but former president.  Hallmark could make a killing.  I've decided I'm going to start sending cards to all living former presidents in honor of the holiday starting next year, as it is too late to do so now.  I'm sure that'll get me on some kook list with the Secret Service. Hallmark, fire up the printing presses, you got more business coming. 

Overall, I've seen but not spoken to Obama and George W. while in office.  I've shaken hands with George H.W. Bush while president and with Carter, Clinton & LBJ after they left office.  Although I live just about two miles from where President Ford had a house, I never saw him in the Vail area.

I've also shaken hands with vice presidents Chaney and Biden while in office. There's a holiday for you, former vice presidents day. That'll draw a celebration. 

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  1. I'm similarly confused about President's Day. When the holiday was first combined, I thought it was designed specifically to honor Washington and Lincoln. It wasn't until the George W. Bush era that I heard it was supposed to honor all presidents. I feel like I missed a memo somewhere. Not sure if it's when the holiday started or somewhere along the line.